War horse motivational posters

War horse motivational posters

After seeing war horse I couldn’t help but think what an ideal motivational poster it would make.

War horse motivational posters one wouldn’t expect that a film based on a children’s story book about a war horse would have the female audience weeping and the males in the audience coughing to cover over their emotions. The leading character in not human but a non-speaking horse but this is no boy and his horse saga but a powerful, passionate and complex film.

War horse motivational posters foal called Joey

The story starts with Alcohol-soaked farmer Ted Narracott paying over the odds for a foal called Joey just to spite landlord Lyons. Ted’s wife Rose despairs, wondering how they will pay the rent, while his son Albert promises to train the animal to plough the fields. When Europe goes to war Ted sells Joey to Captain Nicholls, who promises to take good care of his mount.. . From there, Joey crosses enemy lines and embarks on a hazardous journey through the war, ending at the Somme. Then Albert learns of tragedy on the battlefield so he has no choice but to enlist in the army in order to track down Joey.

War horse motivational posters cinematic masterpiece that deserves to stand alongside Schindler’s List.

There are many superb battle scenes, including a suicidal cavalry charge and the Battle of the Somme itself. But Spielberg never loses control of the horse’s story, or the human ones.

Running through the film is a sense of the waste of war, its horror as well as its heroism.

War horse motivational posters this is a cinematic masterpiece that deserves to stand alongside Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan and ET as Spielberg’s finest work. By the end, it really makes you feel grateful to be alive; it’s a rare film indeed that turns children’s literature into a piece with this much emotional depth.

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